Beyond the Tail

The wordy world of wicked, wise and wonderful creatures

Mr Giraffe


Well Hello there, Mr Giraffe!

Look at you with your head in the trees,

What wonderful colourful patches

And funny knobbly knees


It’s a wonder you don’t fall over,

Reaching up there for your meals

But maintain elegance and composure,

Like a lady in stiletto heels


I much prefer you to a zebra,

Black and white is so last year

And stripes are simply nothing,

Against your smart patchwork fur


And you have such a gentle face,

Compared to the mean buffalo

You don’t feel rushed like a cheetah,

But take things nice and slow


I’m not worried that you’ll eat me,

Won’t rip me with tooth and claw

Your gentle voice won’t scare me,

Not like a horrible roar


No, I feel you would be courteous

If you spoke, you would say, ‘Good Day’

A gentleman of the Savannah

Going on his merry way


My long eye-lashed, long legged friend

You’re my favourite I suppose

For your special giraffe gentility

From your head to your little hoof toes