The Flamin Flamingo – Part One

Out in the outback
Wild is wild
And folk must hunt for a living
The Sheilas are one pack
That ain’t domiciled
And believe in taking not giving

They wander the land
With an eye on the prize
Of dingo, koala or roo
This monstrous band
Of all shapes and size
May one day be coming for you

They raid and they trade
Almost anything
But one item, they really desire
Is a flamingo who’s made
From his beak to his wing
Of feathers that burn like a fire

One day on the hunt
They threw down their sacks
Full of koala and dingo
They looked out to the front
Pulled up their slacks
And crowed in unison, “Bingo”

“A flamin’ flamingo!”
The Sheilas said
Spottin his feathers a shimmer
“Forget the dingos,
We’ll take ‘im instead,
Imagine the worth o’ that glimmer!”

“Stealer Sheilas!”
The flamingos cried
“They’re after his fiery feather
Those wheeler dealers
We can not abide
Go for it! Run hell for leather!”